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Thanks, ksujedi. My shooting is strictly casual, no competition involved. Actually I bought a set of stainless nipples to replace the stockers, and I noticed that the flash holes on the SS nipples were actually larger, so I'm using the Pietta nipples at the moment. I'm a rookie at this so still learning the ropes. I'm fairly patient, so crimping these CCI's isn't a problem til I get rid of 'em. Didn't plan to make this my permanent solution by any means.

Where did you get the Slix Shot items? I'll entertain any options!

edit: NE Redneck, didn't see your post. Haven't tried CCI10's as I heard they were probably too small and didn't want to end up with "tons" of caps like Hardcase mentioned. Mebbee I'll try a hundred, what the hey.

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