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I am one that could careless how prudy grips can be or the firearm for that fact. I only want one thats reliable. I wonder how many 1911's will shoot 300,000 rounds fire in one like a glock 17. les baer or ed brown ?? maybe.

I have good all steel old revolvers with rubber grips for hunting and plastic frame pistols for carry. None are purdy buy BBQ standards but simply works well.

Now if someone wants to own heavy weight for size steel handgun all prettied up pretty wood grips , buy ya one. Some of use don't care.

No one except some fool will shoot any pistol in a ranson rest enough times to cause damage. They do rotate back and can be adjusted to work for most frames very well for there intended purpose of the ransom rest.

Now where the other 300,000 round fire handgins at.
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