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Okay, lets take Pax's example of napping in the car. I don't personally know her, but I've read her book*, perused her web site and read her posts here on TFL. I feel fairly confident in assuming that most times when she is awake, she is relaxed and alert. Which is the very definition of condition orange. So she took a nap, with I'm guessing her husband, or at least someone whom she had great confidence in driving. I going to guess again and say that she probably would have woken up, or been woken up if the vehicle would have come under attack.

Now then, which would have been faster? To unlock the glove box and retrieve her weapon, or reach for it at the spot on her side where she normally carries it? See what I mean by common sense and circumstances coming into play.

*I gave a copy to my significant other and my Mom last Xmas, but I read it first.
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