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Tell that to George Zimmerman. (Initial investigator said it was a legal shoot, though we have yet to see how it will turn out, the facts seem to point to it being legal, and it will most likely go to trial)

Tell that to Harold Fish. (Initial investigator said it was a legal shoot, turns out it was, after 2 trials and 3 years in prison for Mr. Fish)

Your ignorance in this matter stinks. All it takes is an anti-gun DA who wants to make an name for himself. He will use anything he can to get you convicted.

+1 w/ Gaerek

I don't see why some people aren't grasping the facts.

IF you modify the function or even LOOK of your gun it will look terrible in court. Believe me.

The punisher symbols, the light trigger, anything that can be used against you in the court of law will be used against you.

Is it worth the extra headache? If people are telling you DON'T DO IT why would you do? the long run it's "fine" after $XXX,XXX is it worth it to prove a point?

Keep your carry guns factory! We're brothers here. With the same common interest. Looking out for each other.

If there's a chance and risk don't take it.
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