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Looks like Ruger ( in more everyday price ranges ) & Blazer in prices I can't afford, still make, or made guns in the last couple years, where there are still new ones listed on the auction sites... I've been doing some reading, & seems like a nice cartridge...
my jump from '06 goes to 338 Win Mag, then 375 H&H, then .416 Rigby... so I'm open to either belted or non belted cartridges

my jump from .416 Rigby ( bear in mind, we are talking only bolt actions ) goes to a custom 53 caliber... a 45-70 might be good ( though I have 5-6 guns chambered in 45-70... maybe .458 Win Mag ???

I don't really have a problem with a gap from 7 X 57 to 30-06 so I have a couple options
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