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Know it's easy to just recommend another expensive aftermarket part, but FWIW, I futzed around with ill fitting caps (Remington 10 and 11's, CCI 11's) on the stock nipples of my Pietta 1858 Remmy and 1851 Colt for years. Never worked great, but we'll enough for occasional range use where it didn't matter if it took a few minutes to recap or clear cap fragments from the action. Recently decided to start shooting cap and ball in CAS shooting though, and reliability is key. Picked up two sets of Slix Shot nipples and shot a problem free clean match last weekend, my first time with the nipples and first time shooting cap and ball in CAS. My understanding is that TOW/Treso/Ampco nipples all have similar excellent cap fitting. So again, know the easy recommendation is to spend more money, but those nipples are easily the best purchase I've made for enjoyment of Cap and Ball shooting.
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