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Could you explain it to me in terms other than "Jeff Cooper said so"?

My hero, anyway,you are in private, but if it were me, I would be aware of the fact that had I had a loaded firearm (I like J Frames too) with no safety in close proximity to my - lets just say "body." You can minimize the danger by not having a model with a hammer and having a certain holster, or whatever, to further minimize the danger, but in the end, you have a loaded firearm on your person, condition yellow. As to how you manage your firearm, you have to decide. In a hotel room, by myself, I would would have the gun out, near me for immediate deployment. Bottom line, I would not forget the fact that I was carrying a loaded gun, never ever. I would not purposefully forget that fact. Condition yellow. Obviously, as humans we can be distracted, willfully or otherwise.

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