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Recommend a Handgun

Just switched to a belly band carry method during work hours and its been the best choice I've made in terms of carry. I could never find the right gun and holster combo to go with thin button-down dress shirts and thin slacks and suit pants. And I can't afford to buy a new wardrobe in a bigger size just to accommodate my CCW. So I found a belly band and have been wearing it daily for about 3 weeks and love it.

Over the years, my CCW has gotten smaller and smaller in hopes of successfully concealing in dress clothes. Went from an officer 1911, to a Ruger SR9c, down to a Sig P238. But now that I have the BB, I can go up to a slightly bigger gun since its not getting tucked in my waistband now.

I'm really looking for an all-metal gun. Alloy or steel frame. Preferably 9mm. And I'd prefer not to have polygonal rifling as I have tons of lead reloads that I'd like to use for practice. I thought I found a winner with the Kahr MK9, but found it has polygonal rifling. Sig 938 is in the running. Unsure about a Colt Defender 9mm. Can't find a Solo. Don't want to pay the price tag of an EMP. Any others I should be considering?
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