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The rarity of a squib load occurring with factory .22 RF ammo does not justify the weighing of every round, much less even to concern yourself with it. While the chance of a FTF with rimfire ammo can depend on the quality of the ammo, it in it's self does not produce squibs. Squibs are usually identified by a reduced noise/recoil level and the lack of the bullet hitting the target. This is when one should stop shooting and check for a barrel obstruction.
IMhO the above is a very clear answer to your question.

I have shot a *lot* of .22 including a lot of the 'inexpensive' (read 'junk') stuff and have never had a bullet stuck in the barrel.

I have had several squibs in center fire ammunition (yep, I reload) but it has always been obvious that something was not right when I fired those rounds and I did as Buck460xvr recommended and stopped shooting and took care of the problem.

Once again, the chances of a .22 getting lodged in the barrel is so remote I wouldn't waste time trying to prevent it. You should be alert enough to stop shooting if ANYTHING doesn't seem right but it probably won't be a .22 stuck in the barrel.
It just occurred to me and please don't take offense, are you talking about having a failure to fire where the whole cartridge is stuck in the chamber and you can't get the action to extract the round? That is, the whole cartridge is stuck in the gun?

That has happened to me on many occassions shooting the cheap .22 but I don't do anything to prevent it, I just take a cleaning rod and knock the cartridge out. And like others have said, this can be avoided by buying the more expensive, higher quality .22 ammunition.
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