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It is a deliberate attempt to avoid looking at the flaws of the sports culture which exploits and damages these young men. It also as repercussions for society in general but that's not a gun issue.

It's a PR coverup for the NFL.
Very true... furthermore, the NFL brass and everyone connected(Owners,Agents, Players,Referee's...clear down to the cheerleaders) knows the physical damage players take from repeated blows to the body. Especially the head.

Players careers are usually very short compared to other professions due to these injuries. An admission and powerful bargaining chip that has been used for many years by players and their Agents that has been probably the biggest reason the players are receiving the salaries they are today. If I remember correctly, this was one of the issue's that went into arbitration during the last strike/walkout and the arbitrator even sided with the players.

Maybe it's time for a REAL(not whitewashed) investigation on the affects to the mind of the pain meds./shots these players are receiving on a daily basis just to be able to play/practice everyday rather then blame an inanimate object when said player goes off and uses object to kill someone.
Ever wonder what a player recv's in the locker room when he's carried off the field with injuries in the second quarters and returns at the start of the third and plays like nothing ever happened to him???

I seriously doubt this investigation will ever take place due to fact that Pro Football has turned into a money machine of unimaginable proportions.

The NFL and most Pro sports forums have instilled drug testing programs for players. They have made a big public tadoo about testing for steroids,THC and such... BUT JUST WHAT IS THE ALLOWABLE TOLERANCE STANDARDS per the NFL FOR THE PAIN MEDS. As an example, what is the long term psychological affects of the shots being given to players for the 'stingers' we see so often.

Having boxed and been around the ring for much of my younger years, I can say that these injuries are not isolated to football.
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