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The point I am getting at is that we need to recognize the moments when we are going to be in condition white and control the circumstances when this happens. We can go into condition white when have other security measures in place (locked doors, dogs that will bark, alarm systems, people that will serve as our early warning.) The idea is that we don’t want to be surprised by the threat before we get a chance to prepare, at least a little bit, to deal with it."

This exactly what I said earlier, and as they, great minds think alike.

That you want to roll around in your "crib" all "strapped-up" every waking moment is your choice. But let's not pretend that one should "go white" while armed and enjoy life, because that violates the "Code" and according to the "code" you don't numb-nut while armed. For you, and Captain Hector Barbossa, "... the Code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules." I'll stick with Col Cooper's original rules as they make more sense that what I have seen here. BTW, do you have the same opinion of Col. Cooper's "Four Rules" and which ones do you advise we compromise?
I put a J frame in my pocket this morning when I got dressed. I am reading this, in a hotel room, behind a locked door, apparently in condition white, because I am reading a computer screen. I fail to see the harm in having a J frame in my pocket while I am doing this. When I turned on the computer, should I have locked it up? I don't see why I should bother to unload my gun and put it in a safe, and why that makes me any safer.

Could you explain it to me in terms other than "Jeff Cooper said so"?
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