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I don't like the idea of the muzzle of my gun that close to my face.

Held as described the gun is still blocking parts of my field of view that I'd rather not have blocked.

What advantage is there over low-ready or Sul (both of which I'm well practiced in"""

Excellent points Frank,,,I really do not mind the muzzle being that close to my face,,,however you are correct looking almost straight downward it does block some field of view as does low ready while Sul does not, advantages maybe not any,,,I find snapping my wrist downwards from high ready a sliver faster than extending my arms from Sul or bringing the gun up from low ready....Looking at it from an attack from the side the elbows are easier to use from low ready or high ready than from Sul,,,although the weak hand and elbow and arm from any of those positions can be used by disengaging the weak hand from the gun, from behind if grabbed I see a disadvantage to Sul if the attacker clasps his arms around you and his hands on the gun, probably easier to disengage from low ready by pushing your arms downward or from high ready by pushing your arms up but I think low ready wins in this one as the attackers hands could now jam your gun into your face from high ready while keeping it pinned on your chest from Sul....I have not done any force on force or martial arts training to verify this however....
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