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"I disagree with the good colonel when he says that if you are armed, you "must be in yellow." I believe that's a generality that's quite situational, not an absolute."

I agree with Colonel Cooper. If you are wearing a gun you cannot go to Condition White. Per his specific instruction,"... if you are armed you should be in Condition Yellow."

I should hope that all who carry in public are "aware" of the fact that they are armed at all times. Many a LEO has been disarmed and killed by their own gun due to a lack of situational awareness. How much more so should a citizen who is carrying be in "yellow?" Much more, even if they are highly trained.

As I said before, Condition White is a good thing and allows us to fully enjoy life. The following from InSights Training Blog fairly well sums it up:

"It is important to remember that the color codes are not about the nature of the threat, but about your actions, readiness, and responses based upon the situation. The color codes give us a way of organizing these states and making decisions.

Condition White
Generally condition white gets dismissed quickly as being “unaware” or “unprepared” and students are admonished to “not be in condition white.” Unfortunately it is neither possible nor even desirable for this to be true. This belief that condition white is undesirable stems from people thinking it comes from not paying attention, when in fact it is just as likely to driven by paying too much attention to something.

When you are watching a movie, reading a book (or writing a blog post), you are focusing your attention on something other than your immediate surroundings. This might include the active exclusion of wider sensory inputs, like listening to music to mask the sound of traffic. If you are reading this page you are not looking out the window. We willfully exclude and ignore our surroundings on many occasions because the task we are doing requires our complete focus and attention. If you are focusing on your sight picture then you are not paying attention to your surroundings (at least for the duration of the shot and it’s follow through.) If you are literally asleep then you are most certainly not paying attention to your environment.
The point I am getting at is that we need to recognize the moments when we are going to be in condition white and control the circumstances when this happens. We can go into condition white when have other security measures in place (locked doors, dogs that will bark, alarm systems, people that will serve as our early warning.) The idea is that we don’t want to be surprised by the threat before we get a chance to prepare, at least a little bit, to deal with it."

I think this is good advise.

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