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1000 rounds through my LCR .357

Well, I have over 1000 rounds fired through my LCR 357 magnum now, I like it, it's my primary carry piece so I should be proficient with it.

The only issue (non issue) I have had with it was due to cleanliness, I will usually fire at least 50 rounds of "target loads" and then finish off with 10-20 of my carry loads. My target loads are not light, it's a 158 grain cast semi wadcutter w/gas check that runs about 1200 fps.

When shooting this much of the target ammo through it, I start to get a coating of bullet lube which will gum up the cylinder where it spins, I can feel the trigger pull get harder after firing this much lead ammunition, I have also got pretty proficient at cleaning it.
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