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Can I visit your universe in which Unique is cleaner than a ball powder?

I never found Unique to be particularly clean burning, especially not more so than WW 231, which is my go-to powder for just about all of my handgun loading.

But Unique is cleaner than Red Dot...

"How in the world would a revolver know what kind of powder you used?"

Obviously, the revolver, being a nonsentient lump of steel wouldn't know, but every type of powder has a distinct set of characteristics that are unique to that powder, and to a degree, that type.

For example, double-base powders, because of the nitroglycerine content, generally burn a lot hotter than single base powders.

A lot can depend on how quickly the pressure rises, and how long that rise lasts.

Some of the worst powders for frame cutting are those with a quick pressure rise but a fairly long pressure pulse.
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