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Nipples & caps

One of the frustrations I've experienced in my new hobby (C&B revolvers) is finding caps that fit properly. Been using CCI 11's cuz that's what's available. I know Rem 10's are what I need , but no dice, here. So I pinch. Yes, I know of the potential hazards, but what's a body to do? I don't shoot enough BP to justify mail-order of caps with the attendant expense.

It seems that if either the cap manufacturers or the nipple makers would standardize their offerings that one or the other would be forced to comply in order to market their product. How nice it would be to buy a "10" or "11" of any brand and know it work. Primers are now fairly standard, why not caps?

Since the CCI 11's are all I can use, here, I've decided to not pinch, but crimp. I have an old wire crimp/strip tool and I plan to enlarge and lap the #10 wire strip hole til it just reduces the bottom of the #11 cap's skirt to fit my nipples. Tedious, I know, but no more so than pinching and mebbee safer? Has anyone done this and what do you think?
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