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Hello tahunau. I do reload and have been rolling my own ammo for close to 30 years now. All on the same rockchucker press I bought when I first started. I will wear out and break before that excellent piece of equipment will.

I don't shoot as much as I used to so it would take me a while to work throug 5000 rounds of ammo. Thats just about the amount of 223 I have on hand now plus enough componants to load another 8000 rounds. That should be a lifetime supply for me.

I did just go to WalMart to see if they had a Colt 6920 that some have said they carry now. No Colts but they did have a BMI (IIRC) patrolman carbine. Its not what I want so I didn't ask to see it.

I may go to Academy and look at the Bushmasters but they are not what I want either but at least I can see if they look like a quality gun. i will have something to compare the DPMS to if I go look at those tommorow.

A few years ago when I was looking at ARs and ended up buying a mini 14 there was one place that took police trade ins and went through them and rebuilt or made one gun out of two. I can't remember who they were. Does anyone remember who I am talking about? Each gun was listed on their site with the details. I read good reveiws on them for the most part. Most guns had blemished finishes but were mechanicaly sound.
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