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wncchester, I hope you did not hurt your self, I ask you a question, the easiest answer I can give someone is “I DO NOT KNOW”. You claim the case gets shorter, you claim the case diameter reduces after being fired, and I ask "How is that?", I thought you knew how to check. I have rifles that allow me to determine if the case got shorter, I have fired cases that have been hammered so hard they have no memory of what they were before I pulled the trigger, then there are the 257 Roberts with 30/06 head stamps, 30/06 cases with 280 Remington head stamps etc., etc...

Then there are the rifles I am installing barrels on and extending/bending bolt handles, at the root of the bolt handle is a cam surface that contacts the rear of the receiver, when the bolt is raised it cams back, the ‘camming’ of the bolt gives the shooter a leverage advantage when pulling cases from the chamber. I know, the extractor is a JIC thing (just in case), the extractor is not a necessary thing but just in case all my Mausers have one. I could leave the extractor off, fire then open the bolt and point the rifle straight up and the case will fall out because it is shorter in length and smaller in diameter than the chamber?????

I need an extractor on everything I shoot, it is most difficult to look cool at the range when the case has to be knocked out with a dowel or cleaning rod because there is no extractor, I need an extractor, my bolts cam back when the handle is raised.

Again, not my intentions to provoke, I can not afford to loose it on a reloading forum, I have practiced the old philosophy “I DO NOT PROVOKE, I DO NOT PROVOKE” for many years. It is most irresponsible for someone on the Internet to allow themselves to become belligerent and be involved with firearms, if a bad situation does occur the behavior displayed on a forum could compromise the mental state.

Yes I know, the shooting in Dallas is referred to as “A GOOD SHOOTING”, I ask “Were you there?”. ‘YOU’ as in rhetorical. And NO!, I do not want an answer.....or an opinion.

F. Guffey

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