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Cost wise, Dura Coat is cheap, if you have an air brush and do it yourseld. Very easy to do. I did three rifles with one 4 oz Dura Coat bottle. DC is an epoxy finish that hardens over time, you can handle and shoot the gun after 24 hours, but it does not competely cure until a month or more. I've been very happy with my DC'd guns. One is a old Marlin 25 converted to .17 Mach II. It stays in my garage all the time for gophers and crows, and gets knocked around a lot. After 4 years there are no chips or scratches. I also did a rifle that I use for F class shooting with polished stainless steel barrel, spraying just the barrel. I started shooting the gun less than a week after I sprayed it. The DC finish is fine except for the target barrel crown. There the DC finish has come off the crown after approximately 2,000 shots of 3,000 + fps loads. May be it would have lasted if the crown was not polished smooth, or normal hunting crown, don't known; but the rest of the barrel is doing fine.
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