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Keep Loading and shooting them

I am one of those odd ball cartridge loaders and shooters and can tell you if the buying public doesn't buy enough dies, bullets, or brass the manufacturers who poll these things will drop em. Eventually if nobody builds a gun chambered for whatever the ammo goes away. I personally get tired of nothing but 9mm and 223 when there are so many great cartridges out there that never got a military contract under them.

I too love the 41 mag and though I shoot the 44 and 454 I love loading and shooting little big sister. 32 cal is still thought highly of in Europe with bullseye shooters and has been on the verge of going away now for 20 years or more. As a rule the 32 cal revolvers are accurate, easy to handle and can still deliver enough performance at the other end to be interesting and useful.

Of course you have to load your own but that is half the fun.
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