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discoveries... while hanging the rifles on the wall in my walk in gun safe

have had a good portion of my rifles in a storage crate for a long time ( until I finally got my "walk in gun safe room" built... now I'm seeing a couple holes...

I have a bolt action rifle collection that covers most bases, from 17 Mach 2, up to a custom bolt action 53 caliber rifle... ( 15 rifles on this rack space )... currently have 2-30-06's to fill out the rack, but the birdseye maple 70's custom is going onto a different rack... the biggest hole in the calibers I see, is between my sporterized 7 X 57 Mauser, & my 30-06... my 1st 2 thoughts are 7 Mag, & .308 ( I have other .308 rifles, just not in a "conventional" bolt action )... I know there are a couple other cool cartridges that fall in between

sugestions for a rifle to fill that gap ???
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