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if it’s a legal shooting it will never see court
Tell that to George Zimmerman. (Initial investigator said it was a legal shoot, though we have yet to see how it will turn out, the facts seem to point to it being legal, and it will most likely go to trial)

Tell that to Harold Fish. (Initial investigator said it was a legal shoot, turns out it was, after 2 trials and 3 years in prison for Mr. Fish)

Your ignorance in this matter stinks. All it takes is an anti-gun DA who wants to make an name for himself. He will use anything he can to get you convicted.

And you know this factoid because....... I know you read it on the internet.
You should have read my next post before you made this ignorant comment. Actually, I emailed one of the most well known expert witnesses in self defense history and got information from him. Unlike most people (I'm guessing you learned it's ok to modify your carry piece from somewhere on the Internet), I take what I read on the Internet with a grain of salt. I'll get my information from individuals who actually have credentials to talk about what they're talking about. That means asking them personally, reading their books (it's kinda like a blog, but written on paper and usually longer), and *gasp* going to the library!

In other words, I'd rather get my information from someone who's actually sat in and read the facts of HUNDREDS of self-defense cases (many of which he can't talk about for various reasons) than some mall ninja who thinks it's ok to tinker with his carry piece because afterall, its a clean shoot that matters!

I am not worried about someone saying I accidentally shot someone, unless it was not me that shot them.
You understand that this is all they need for a manslaughter conviction, right? That's prison time and money paid to the family of the person you shot, regardless of ANY OTHER FACTS. Accidental shooting = Manslaughter.

We are allowed to have trigger jobs on our firearms if they are our personal weapons as long as the armorer inspects the work and determines it is safe.
This isn't about whether polishing the trigger is a good idea on a carry piece. It's about whether it's safe and/or smart to lighten a trigger below the factory recommended specs (you'd better be able to articulate why you did it, and it won't be easy). As you mentioned, even a good shooter will have difficulty hitting what they aimed at in a stressful situation. A light trigger won't help you hit anything in this situation. It might cause an Unintentional Discharge (might not also). You're going to be just as inaccurate with your race gun as you are with a NY-2 Glock.

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