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Haven't a guess. I bulk process everything.

Sort and check cases including pre-seperation ring at the web (inside check with a paper clip-hook), tumble, if new to me with crimped primers - deprime then swag or cut the ring, lub (role em in sickie), full length size/deprime/expand neck, water/ss pins and tumble (I like to clean the primer pockest and inside the cases after the scale is broken). Check and trim to length, and sort by head/date/... bag/box/tub them up with listings of 'what is contained'.

Need or want some (?), find a batch of brass that meets the needs, could be number of cases or type.

Go from this point, progressive if that is the best choice or single stage if that works. For many loadings, I prefer to hand prime. For others, the progressive does fine.

It should be noted that I do special load for some weapons and that brass is processed the same but independently and some steps are modified greatly.


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