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Let's take your K-Frame vs my G19. Arguably approximately same power in the round (at least, the same real world effectiveness). I get 16 (15+1) shots, while you'll get 6. If I need more than 16, my reload is very quick, whereas yours will be slower, and you still don't have the same number of rounds I had initially. Only after your 2nd reload will you have surpassed my initial load out.

Having said that, my G19 is my primary. I carry it, and 2 17 round mags, to give me 50 rounds of Speer Gold Dot 124gr +P. I also carry a Ruger LCR .38 SPL as a backup. It's loaded with Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel 137gr +P. I don't carry spare ammo for it, as I'm already very loaded down with 2 guns, 2 spare mags, my knife, my flashlight, my phone and wallet. My LCR is a backup, meaning if I need to get it out, something really bad has happened and I probably just need a few good shots. If I had room for a couple speed strips I'd probably carry those, but I feel I'm pretty well protected with what I have.

Revolvers are great, but for an EDC, I'd prefer to have revolver simplicity of use, with "Tupperware" capacity. Hence, the Glock.

I will say this though, in my CCW class, there were a couple revolvers. There was a 75 year old lady who brought in a Taurus Judge. She outshot everyone. I was impressed. Tiny Old Lady, enormous gun with big rounds.
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