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if you are involved in a self defense shooting then you are obilgated but law to surrender the weapon involved however, you are not required to hand over your entire collection and you do have the right to require a warrant for any guns not used in the altercation. there are always going to be a couple dirty cops and bad depts but the vast majority of law enforcement officers are decent people. it is the same in any public service field where you wear a uniform. in my Navy days all it took was a couple idiots out getting drunk, raising hell and getting arrested by the local authorities to get entire port cities declared off limits to the entire US navy as a liberty port. stationed in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia my ship had a mandatory community service day at least once to twice a year where we went out and cleaned up parks, schools, restored historical buildings, worked in soup kitchens mentored young children and when you have 3,000+ people doing all of those things then you can bet that those effects were seen all over town but did that ever make the headlines? no, but some retard from our ship who was caught with 200 pounds of marijuana in his trunk sure did.

public officials especially those sworn to serve and protect are held to higher standards and all it takes is one person who doesn't take his oath of service seriously to completely destroy an entire department's reputation.
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