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1. Fast up / slow down
2. There is NO tactical reason to put the gun back quickly
3. If you just got into a gunfight ALL fine motor skills are gone
4. You dont reholster if your unsure of the situation - period
5. A glance down while finding the holster is not going to give anyone a huge edge on either side
6. This gotta keep the eyes scanning while reholstering is a product of someone who has never been in a firefight - its a BS talking point on a lot of instructors course notes
7. the situation that where you enconter a deadly threat then WAMMO a second deadly threat jumps out just while you are reholstering has probably never occured.
9. Why wouldnt you want to remove yourself from exposure if your not sure of the scene??? if you can LEAVE and be available to the reponders.
Aha, we have a winner, only 5 posts on the forum and he comes up with the best post in the thread. Of course I have to say that because I agree with him, your mileage may differ.
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