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My experience with GunVault is not good. I bought one and it would fail to open the door when brand new. I lubed it and cycled it open and closed. After about 100 cycles, it started working fine, but my faith had been shaken.

A few years down the road, the vault failed again. To make a long story short, the thin lock activation cable in the safe broke, rendering the electronic lock useless. No way to open the safe without digging out the key. To the credit of GunVault, they sent out a warrant replacement, even though the original safe was out of the 1 year warranty period.

The replacement had the exact same problem the original one did. This time, it would fail to open on the first try (it would click and try to open but the door would stay shut). A second try would allow the safe to open. After that, it appeared to work normally.

The big problem came the next morning, when the safe again failed to open. Apparently, after sitting with the door closed for any length of time, the safe would not open on the first try. Working the lock and lubing made it better, but the problem is still there. In addition, the newer style of button is harder and slower to activate than the old style.

At this point, I am pretty displeased with the product. Then I go to open the safe and the thing just quits. Buttons do not register in the proper way and it will not accept a code. The battery is new and about 2 weeks old, so I disconnect it and reconnect it. Now the buttons work, but it will not take a code. I tried both my code and the factory default. I disconnect the battery again and reconnect it, and now it works with my code.

You tell me if this is performance you can trust. The problem is the MultiVault is the only quick access safe that I am aware of that will hold up to four handguns. While I don't need four, I need an absolute minimum of two, and three would be better still.
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