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The only way to know for sure is to have him shoot one, but I also would opt for the .30-30 in an older JM marked 336. I haven't handled any of the newer Marlins (Remington owned) but I've heard enough horror stories that I wouldn't buy one without being able to shoot it first which isn't going to happen with a new one. The older rifles look a little nicer to me anyway and you don't have to worry too much about it getting knocked around since I'm sure it'll have a couple dings in it when you get it. If you opt for the .35 Rem you'll probably want to start reloading for it so you can tone down the recoil for the boy. By the way, locally here .30-30 ammo is about $10 per box cheaper than .35 Rem ammo and is a whole lot more available too so that may be something you'll want to consider. Don't get me wrong I love the .35 Rem and think it's a great cartridge but the only way I can afford to shoot mine is to reload it

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