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I'm a caliber whore.... I like reloading & shooting odd balls just because... ( I don't have a 327, though I have nothing against the cartridge, & already own a Smith Air Weight 6 shot in 32 H&R Magnum... a little odd in it's self )

I have many custom guns that fill a nitch... one that comes to mind, is my custom Marlin lever gun, started life as a 44 Magnum, been converted to 50 A.E. which turned the nice little carbine into a beast, that holds 12 rounds... now it's a great dangerous game gun, that holds twice as many rounds as my guide gun, & weighs about the same... also have a Blackhawk converted to shoot 50 A.E.... even though it's an auto cartridge, I really love it in the rifle...

Got an Automag 4 in 10 mm magnum, love the cartridge, but don't like shooting it & chance loosing the hard to get cases, but I also have S&W 610 that was chambered for the 10 Mag, & with moon clips, it's a powerful, fun, speedster to shoot
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