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My father was very into guns of all types so it was natural for me to be into them. He worked for a time at Numrich Arms as a salesman and became friends with the head gunsmith so there were always lots of guns in the house. My favorite picture from my childhood is of me in my walker with Dad's Winchester Model 12 Skeet laid across the tray (Wish I could find that picture right now). My first shooting experience was when I was 6 or 7 Dad took me and my older sister to the local sand pit when we lived in Belfast, Me for a bit and we spent the afternoon plinking away with his 10/22 and an old Remington bolt action .22 that had been cut down to kid size. I was hooked after that, I have several of my father's guns here that that were left to me when he died in 2006 and they all hold special memories for me but my favorites by far are the one's that he passed down to me while he was still alive.

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