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Originally Posted by pax View Post

Suicide rates don't change from one society to another, regardless of gun availability. Suicides with guns decline when guns aren't available, but suicides do not.

A young, professional athlete, a man in his physical prime who plays one of the most violent and physically demanding sports in the world, definitely could kill a petite woman with his bare hands.

That second point needs to be more widely understood, especially by petite women dating high-testosterone young men.

Amen! If the girlfriend had a gun perhaps this drugged up violent individual would have thought twice about attacking her. Or if he persisted she would have had a chance to defend herself against a superior physical force.

When idiots like Bob Zumbo Costas make off topic rants like this it is a sign they no longer relate to their audience and have come to believe what they think is more important than their stupid audience. They only way they can be reminded they work for a living at the pleasure of paying customers is for the customers to walk away.
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