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Got a holy mess right now, as I'm in the process of moving ammo & reloading stuff... all my ammo is going from a set of 6 - 5ft shelves ( about 70 different calibers ) into 30 caliber ammo cans that will store in the ammo benches... Contender ammo will be last to go, since I haven't gotten the the racks designed or built for all the Contender barrels, but I got the rest of the bolt actions & lever guns out of my storage crates... & they are all on display, except for the CZ / BRNO rifles, & handguns, which will go on a seperate display rack, & the 2 shotgun collections the FIL had...

I also discovered it's now time to do some trading... I have a Herters international ( full length manlicher stock ) with a Herters scope, in .270... as nice as the rifle is, I think I want a more traditional american sporting style rifle in .270... so may get a Tika, or see what my LGS has on hand, in that caliber...

also have a really nice Remington 600 in 6mm Remington, wearing a Bushnel 3 X 9 on a one piece base, & a couple boxes of 6mm Remington headstamp cases... the lil bolt action, doesn't fit in well with my other bolts, so I may trade that one off... from 17 caliber to 53 caliber, I don't have any gaping holes ( already have a .243... my 1st rifle... stainless Ruger )... so I may pick up a .308 or 7mm Magnum bolt action, to fit between my 7 X 57, & 30-06... any other suggestions here ??? 284, or ???

I knew I was wanting to get a 22 lever gun, but looks like I have space for a 44 Magnum or 44-40 lever gun as well... I have an Ithica single shot 22 lever gun on the rack, but that will move to the single shot rack, once that is done...
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