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I ran into the same thing,,,

This was at the Wanenmacher gun show in Tulsa last Nov 10th.

I was looking at an H&R revolver,,,
I asked the guy to cut the zip tie so I could check the action.

He said he could not cut the tie,,,
I asked him if he seriously expected me to buy a gun I couldn't check out.

His answer was "Depends on how much you want the gun."

Sheesh!, I replied.

I did ask at the front and was told it isn't any kind of law,,,
It was simply an enforceable policy of the gun-show sponsor,,,
I was also told that the sponsors never said anything about removing them for a check-out.

I haven't been able to find any state law about the zip-ties,,,
The cynical side of me says it is a cover for some dealers to hide behind.


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