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Squib bullet concern


I am basically talking about .22lr. How do I prevent this? Weigh my bullets before shooting?
You talking rifle or handgun?
All the squibs I've had in .22lr have been in handguns.
There's enough "oomph" from the primer alone to push the bullet clear of the barrel of most guns.
The longest barreled gun I had a squib in is a 7 /12". I don't recall which gun. It was either my Ruger or my S&W 22/s.

A rifle is a different story.
I never had a real squib, but, I did stick one in the barrel of my Browning lever gun. I was trying out some CB caps... just beacuse... to see if they would clear the 16 inch barrel - a few did, one didn't.

Really, a .22 squib isn't anything to worry about in the least.
W/a semi auto, it won't cycle the action & the report is more like a muffled handclap than it is a "bang".
In a revolver, same thing only just a hair louder.

To clear the stuck bullet from the bore, just push a cleaning rod carefully (so as not to damage the crown) down the barrel. You may have to tap on the end of the rod.

Edit to add::
IIRC, the squibs I had were either Remington Thunderbolts or possibly Winchester Wildcats. Both are pretty junky. I only used them because they were cheap and at the time. I was shooting around 1500 rounds or more a week. Sometimes as much as 7500 rounds a week.
Whenever Dicks or Kmart ran a sale on ammo, I'd pick up 20 bricks and my wife would buy 20 bricks.
We'd go through all that in about a month between the two of us.

I don't even recall how many real "squibs" I had. Maybe,,four?? all that ammo, so, what the others are saying about it being rare is pretty spot on.

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