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Is the minute and a half case prep included in the 50 cases loaded in the minute and a half?
No the OP asked how long to load, not get them ready to load.

Even if we were talking about pistol rounds to take trimming out of the equation, if you counted picking up the empty brass off the ground, sorting it, tumbling it for a few hours, loading, case gauging and boxing up take much longer than just loading.

This is what it looks like loading at a rate of 50 in 1 minute and 15 seconds.

but whenever anyone cites rounds per hour without specifying if it includes case prep or refilling components, I have to wonder if the rate is cyclic or sustained.
This one closes the gap for filling the feeders and primer tube filler and is sustainable. I don't trim 9mm or any other case prep for that matter. It's a little slower at 2.5 minutes for 50 but you can do the above and casegauge/box while it is loading.

This one is a video too click to play
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