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Originally Posted by nicknitro71
Scoping an M1A is an expensive endeavor. You must stay away from aluminum mounts as they heat up and expand at a different rate than steel does.

Currently Sadlack makes the best mounts, a copy of the original Brookfield, again stay away from the Al one. The steel version is 260 bucks.

I do agree that Sadlak makes great mounts but as far as problems with using a aluminum mount, I have to raise the bs flag. I have over 1K rounds on my aluminum Sadlak and there are zero issues with expansion rates as the rifle heats up. The receivers just do not get that warm to be a problem.

I suppose if you had a NFA M14 and fired mag after mag full auto the receiver would reach temps high enough to be a problem, but you would not be able to see through the scope for all the heat coming off the barrel.

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