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B.L.E., it is the time of flight between two points in the bullets trajectory that determines how far from the line of sight the bullet drifts sideways.

If you run a decent ballistics software program for a given bullet at a given muzzle velocity with its range increments set to 5 yards and maximum range at 1000 yards, it's easy to find out why. Find several range bands with 1/10th second time of flights. Those closer to the muzzle will be longer than those nearer the target. See how much drift the bullet has in each range band. That'll show you how much the bullet drifts at right angles to the line of sight for each 1/10th second of time of flight.

This is what I think's reality. Gonna run Berger's software on a 30 caliber 150-gr. bullet with a .450 BC leaving at 2700 fps then check its drift for each 1/10th second of flight to 1000 yards. I'll post the results but it's gonna be a while before they're up on this thread. Gonna be gone for a couple of weeks and internetting ain't all that great via satellite feeds.

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