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270 rounds

Hello I'm new to this site and rifles. Been a shotgun man all my life till now. Anyway I bought a 270 model 710 Remington I know it's not the best but itll do for now. My question is I sited gun in with 130 corelocks, was told hornadys were better. I got a box of 130 hornadys sst, and they jam in my gun and my sons gun and my friends gun. Have any of you ever heard of this? I got so mad I threw them in the river!! Bought a box of Winchester ballistic silver tips and they seem awesome can put 3 in a 1 inch group at 100 yards n no probs.i got told that they r bad for the barrel???? I need some help I don't wanna mess up the gun. I have a Remington 742 bicentennial that has never been shot but it was grand paws and I don't wanna shoot it so I need help with my 270 thanks guys
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