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Good points, although I'm not sure I necessarily agree about the buffer tube. I actually PREFER the slightly longer length of the commercial tube, but not adhering to the mil-spec allows some manufacturers to use a lesser grade of aluminum and use less desirable threading methods. On the flip side, I've never actually every seen a buffer tube that has broke that wasn't literally blown up or run over.

The 1:7 twist rate is actually designed to stabilize LONGER bullets (tracer rounds); the fact that they are usually also heavier is dependent on the material.

I would choose my Fulton Armory FAR-15 w/ a 1:9 Krieger barrel any day over an OEM Colt barrel; reinforcing your point that Mil-Spec isn't always better. I view it as the minimum acceptable level of quality.

Colt make a good gun, but there are others out there who've taken the design a step further.
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