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Physical proof that you don't need a $4000 rifle and a $5000 rifle scope to shoot a good group.
5 shot groups doing load workup with $175 dollar pawn shop Stevens, $300 off the shelf prethreaded barrel ( .204 Ruger), $100 trigger, $200 stock, $125 scope. Sold the stock and barrel off the Stevens for $100 so I have right at 800 in this gun including scope

Off the shelf Savage FTR .308 and a 300 dollar scope shot at 800 yards. These were two groups of 7 shot each when I was learning the gun. I found out this gun needs 3 cold bore shots before shooting for groups. The first three shots on both groups were about 1 MOA to the right and slightly high. I later corrected that by tweaking the action screw torque, For reference the 10 ring is 7 inches

Now ask me why I love Savages
“Only accurate rifles are interesting,” - Col. Townsend Whelen

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