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That's hilarious how this thread just came up. I've been having this mental struggle for the last few months. Between my Glocks and my 1911's and SIG's.

Had a recent issue with my Glock 19 so I've been carrying my SIG 1911 xo because it has been flawless with over 700+ rounds. JHP/FMJ's both.

But even before that. I can't get the feel of plastic in my hands to be as mentally satisfying, and quenching to my needs as I can with a steel/aluminum framed gun.

Right when I switched over from my Glock 19 malfunctioning after carrying it exclusively for 6-7 months, I felt much more serious and as if a void was getting filled that I didn't know I had when I put that P226 or 1911 on me (right now it's the 1911, I also have .45 vs 9mm moods

However in the accuracy department. I don't see much difference. Other than felt recoil. That's so minimal it's probably not even worth speaking off. I shoot mainly 9mm and .45 anyways.

Recoil does count for accuracy as well as a smooth trigger. The trigger on my 1911's are as smooth as I've ever felt on a handgun besides my Model 19-4 S&W.

Can't reenact that with a Glock to whereas its anywhere near safe to carry. My Glocks for CCW are factory Minus my need for night sights on a CCW.

So. I'm going to lean towards steel for my personal liking of guns as an enthusiast. But for self defense they're almost evenly matched to me. However even then, steel because of felt recoil and trigger.

However for weight and other factors. Polymer has a place with me still from time to time. But I always find myself going back to steel somehow.

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