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Used guns ...

Not sure how folks can justify paying MSRP for a gun that is used. Yet they do.

To be fair, it is very overwhelming to see the amazing variety of guns available. Weeding through the quality pieces vs the decent pieces vs the junk is quite daunting.

The learning curve is tremendous and quite steep.

I've certainly taken a bath a time or two on not understanding what the hell I was doing. But it's been a fun ride.

Not sure if my tastes are changing, becoming more discerning or a combination of both, but I have set my sights on quality over quantity and willing to pay for it.

I'm not talking match grade, pinnacle type armament, just decent, name brand reliable firearms that will last my and my kid's lifetimes.

Having said that ... I am thoroughly impressed with Smith & Wesson's commitment to warranty and repair of their products.

I have used that service three times in the last two years on weapons I purchased new and some I purchased used. Both times, the service was amazing.

So when I assess a gun's value, new or used, that is a huge factor.
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