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Landlord, the stamp on the right side of my actions front receiver does not read 08 they read 30-34 as in 30 Cal. converted in 1934, the rifle is unique and different and by some claimed to be suspect. I purchased 5 for $25.00 each, case bodies were still in the chambers of a few, no case head. Because I was informed they were suspect I used one barrel and one bolt to test fire all the receivers, switching receivers with one barrel and one bolt amounted to .001” difference in chamber length, the barrel was a Belgium commercial barrel chambered to 30 Gibbs with .110 case head protrusion. I used the configuration to form cases for the 30 Gibbs.

Suspect? the magazine is longer than the 98 type Mauser magazine, the floor plate is longer than the 98 floor plate, not necessary but when the rifle was configured the opening was increased by removing metal from behind the lower lug and that is the reason for the label ‘suspect’.

I am not the fan of fillers, I do not use Wheaties, Cheerios or grits (I like grits) I use a load that is going to form the case the first time I fire it. Because ‘time is a factor I used an ‘overload’, friends said “that is some scary stuff”, then there is the rust and pits on two of the receivers, still pondering what direction to go,

Barrels, the bores are a waste, but the chambers? Perfect chamber gages, with 62 chamber reamers I can not miss, the barrel chamber makes a different chamber gage than the ones sold on the Internet.

Forgot, there was nothing suspect about the receivers.

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