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The curriculum (program of instruction in my circle) has to drive the train. The level of students ability has to be matched to the POI. Again its always the crawl walk run philosophy.

1. Weapons will be regarded as loaded at all times
2. Never point your weapon at anything your are not willing to destroy
3. fingers are off the trigger unless actively engaging a target
4. always be sure of what surrounds your target

ARE ALWAYS USED even in advanced schools - i dont know of any tactical reason to not use them

I add:

5 eye protection will be worn on the firing line
6. hearing protection will be worn on the firing line
7. If an unsafe act is observed anyone may and will call a cease fire
8. No smoking while handling explosives or loading ammo.

Again no tactical reason no to abide by the above

But.... some curriculum will run afoul of most range safety programs and waaaaayyyy afoul of NRA safety standards. so that effectively renders the curriculum worthless until another facility is found or constructed.

curriculum is just papers until it can be taught.
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