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12gauge, thanks, she's healing up just fine. Hopefully she's learned something, but I can't count on that. Thankfully, the wife has learned something. That isn't a dig at the wife. She's very intelligent, President's list in both colleges she attended, two BS's, currently working as an RN. But... she grew up on a farm, in an area where the norm was for dogs to be allowed to run loose. Then again, she grew up on a 160 acre farm, surrounded by 160 acre farms, where the neighbors were friendly.

My point being, she isn't dumb by any stretch, but her life experience conditioned her to disregard my concerns.

To all those who understood from the outset that I accepted familial blame for the dog being loose in the first place, thanks.

To those who have thanked me for my service, I appreciate the sentiment, but I'm a retired guy who works these days as a contractor. You can thank me if you wish, but I'd prefer you thank the active, reserve, and guard guys who are over here because they have to be, as opposed to guys like me who are here voluntarily.

(A lot of contractors are military retirees. Some, because they meet requirements - security clearances, background skills, what have you - that allow for well-paying jobs. Some, because it keeps them young. Some, because they just can't quite adapt to fully civilian jobs.)

Anyway, sorry for the sidetrack, and I'm happy that some of you understood all along what I was saying.

To a couple of the others in here, I can only hope you show more compassion for animals in general, and more interpersonal skills, in your real lives than you do on the internet.
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