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Not to jump on you in particular, but whenever anyone cites rounds per hour without specifying if it includes case prep or refilling components, I have to wonder if the rate is cyclic or sustained.

I spend more than 30 minutes prepping 50 of some cases so I can load them. On the other hand (with progressives) I can load that amount in under a minute and a half.
Is the minute and a half case prep included in the 50 cases loaded in the minute and a half?

When I quoted 50 rounds per hour, I included everything, and I could keep that pace up as long as I was awake and had components. No extra case prep and even the boxing up in used factory boxes. Setting up and putting away the press, scale, etc was not included.

I have seen some people claim loading rates that started from primed, belled cases. That description has no value in comparison to a process that includes all steps.

So, for comparison to have any validity at all, ALL activities must be included.

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