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where as teh 135 .40 and the 125 .357 magnum both dump lots of energy and break up when hitting auto glass.
Talking about how the .40 performs with bullet weights under 155grs is like talking about how a football team performs with its backup quarterback (Jets and Steelers wins today notwithstanding )

When loaded with 180gr HST ammo, the .40 can penetrate a windshield, expand to 0.75 inches while penetrating 14 inches of ballistic gel with 92% weight retention on the bullet.

When compared to 180 gr HST ammo, the .357 sig still has a small penetration advantage but the .40 has an expansion advantage.

The .357s sig maintains its advantage of a flatter trajectory; but really if we are talking about cops engaging bad guys at 100 yards they will probably get the AR-15 out of the squad car.
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