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Seem to be posting this pic, a lot;

A CMMG .22 Lr upper on my Bushmaster lower, with a SPARC. This is my first red dot and its too easy(fast and accurate). It is small but on a lite carbine it fits well. I did some research on the net and heard about the bumping the on/off switch, just peek through it every now and then and watch your handling. I don't think the windage and elevation nobs are protusive. The optics are very good and the price is right. I've been carrying mine lately bungied on my snow machine in 0'ish temps. and have had no issues, the battery still works. I guess my only criticism is the red dot is too bright, on its lowest setting, at dusk and the night vision mode is too dim. I like it.

After that picture was taken I've added a set of BUIS, well Magpull polymer, and it is more complete, still need a sling.

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