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Originally Posted by BarryLee
The frustrating part isn’t the prohibition against carry inside the Post Office, but the fact that you cannot even have a gun in your car on their property. So, it isn’t matter of leaving a gun in the car, but having to leave it at home.
For many people, this is the problem. I'm fortunate in that I can choose between two post offices. One is a storefront in a strip mall, so the parking lot isn't postal property. The other has no parking lot, so I just park at the curb and walk in.

But ... since Obama's election (the first time) the VA hospital has sprouted signs at all entrances to the PROPERTY saying no weapons are allowed on the PROPERTY. Of course, the authority they cite is the standard Federal law that specifically says "in" Federal facilities, and defines "facility" as a building, but when I tried to politely discuss this with a sergeant on the campus cop squad he copped an attitude and I decided discretion was the better part of valor -- so I beat a hasty retreat.

It's a significant difficulty for me because I live 15 miles west of the hospital, and the range where I shoot is 20 miles east. It used to be convenient to toss a range bag in the Jeep, go to an appointment, then continue on to the range. Now I have to reverse direction and schlep all the way back home before I head off to the range.
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