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I have numerous Taurus pistols. I currently have a Taurus Raging Bull in 454, a Public Defender in 45/410, a PT Slim 709 a Model 85 38 special and a 24/7 OSS in 40S&W. None of these firearms have EVER given me any problems and I shoot them a lot, with the exception of the Raging Bull in 454. I shoot that once a year in the spring to make sure it's still sighted in for bear protection. It's not made for plinking or target practice. The 2 I shoot the most are the Public Defender and the Slim 709 (in 9mm). The 709 is really a reliable pistol and I carry it and trust it with my life. It's never jammed at the range and is quite pleasant to shoot. YouTube is filled with 709 happy customers. The 1911...I would not hesitate to buy it. You get a lot for your $$, IMHO of course.
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